Welcome to Cakepolis! 

You're a new baker in town ready to make a lot of money! your cakes and pastries are delicious, but it seems that no one comes to buy them, so you have to use the scent of your amazing to attract the customers.

Tap to control the scent up and down and reach as far as you can avoiding the people! Once the scent reaches someone you'll go back following your initial path and gather all the people you touch. The more people you gather, the wealthier you'll be! :D

In PC, press W or S to move up and down, use the mouse to navigate through the menus.

Made by Creampie team:

Juan Torres - Programming - @juaniman99 

Athenea Reche - 2D Art - @Zaxhui

Christian Viñolo - 3D Art - @aburronDev

Miguel López-Bachiller - Programming - @MiguelFizbam

Ricardo Ruiz - Music and SFX - @RickySpark_

We all collaborated on the game design.

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Published 18 days ago
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
TagsArcade, mjw6



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